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  • Jun 2020
    Very happy with this model - easy to drive , handles well and I like the various features it has.
    —Ruth E - 2013 Toyota Aqua S Hybrid
  • May 2020
    Awesome car
    —ALEXANDER P - 2013 Toyota Aqua /Prius C 1.5S 3YearWarrantyFree
  • Apr 2020
    Great car
    —Benjamin D - 2013 Toyota AQUA Hybrid
  • Apr 2020
    Great car
  • Mar 2020
    Since I took delivery of the vehicle it has just impressed me. I enjoy driving it in town with the amazing fuel consumption, but have realised that the aqua was not really built for the motorway. The auqa also performs much better than I expected.
    —ANTOINE S - 2013 Toyota Aqua G-Package Leather
  • Feb 2020
    Very good
    —Ismot A - 2013 Toyota AQUA G
  • Feb 2020
    It's a great vehicle! The fuel efficiency is amazing and it's super easy to use.
    —Eloise C - 2013 Toyota AQUA S
  • Feb 2020
    Super great on gas so far , smooth ride , happy with my purchase
    —April M - 2013 Toyota Aqua 1.5lt Hybrid S-Package
  • Feb 2020
    Economical, spacious.
    —Sigrid C - 2013 Toyota Aqua
  • Jan 2020
    The key elements to my purchase was fuel efficiency , economy, the price and value for money.
    —HAMI A - 2013 Toyota AQUA S
  • Jan 2020
    Awesome buy! Very happy with vehicle
    —Lionel T - 2013 Toyota Aqua S Smart keys Camera
  • Jan 2020
    Very tidy vehicle with a big bundle of features and very fuel efficient.
    —Raji R - 2013 Toyota Aqua Prius C Hybrid
  • Dec 2019
    The car is best in the category,
    —Gurjeet S - 2013 Toyota Aqua
  • Nov 2019
    It ticked all my boxes
    —Marinel M - 2013 Toyota AQUA 6 Star Stunner! Top Spec
  • Nov 2019
    Everything is good im happy for this car.
    —Jerico D - 2013 Toyota Aqua Hybrid with Special Price !
  • Nov 2019
    I am really enjoying the car, getting to understand how it works regarding the switch from ev to petrol and figuring out how to get the best possible petrol consumption from it. I like that I can check this at the end of every trip. The dashboard info is very helpful. I like that mostly around town the car uses ev which is costing me nothing in fuel. I have very long legs and found that although this car is smaller than my last I can adjust the seat height, the position of the backrest and the steering wheel to create a far more comfortable sitting position than in my last car. It rides the road very well, has a very small turning circle and therefore is very maneuverable on NZ"S winding roads and roundabouts. I really like my car and I'm glad to be contributing in a small way to reducing petrol emissions.
    —Lois I - 2013 Toyota Aqua Prius C Hybrid
  • Oct 2019
    It saves on Fuel, so smooth to drive and just a lovely car
    —Lynda C - 2013 Toyota AQUA S
  • Oct 2019
    Nice car Toyota aqua
    —Harjinder K - 2013 Toyota AQUA
  • Sep 2019
    Great car, cheap to run and in perfect condition a real good deal ThAnku
    —Shane F - 2013 Toyota AQUA
  • Sep 2019
    Excellent car and excellent fuel economy. Surprisingly spacious.
    —luisa S - 2013 Toyota AQUA S
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