Our 60-Minute Express Delivery Program

Experience the convenience of our 60-Minute Express Delivery Program and hit the road in no time. At Wheeler Motors, we understand the demands of a busy lifestyle and strive to provide seamless automotive experiences for our customers.

Introducing our 60-minute delivery program, available for hundreds of vehicles. With this innovative service, you can have your dream car ready to drive away in just 60 minutes*.

No more waiting around or delays. If you're looking for immediate satisfaction, our program ensures prompt delivery.

Efficiency is our priority, and our 60-minute delivery option exemplifies that. Follow these three straightforward steps to get behind the wheel in record time.

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Select you vehicle

Select your vehicle Browse, test drive, and select from our extensive vehicle range.

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Purchase your vehicle

Complete your transaction. We can take your trade-in and organise finance and insurance on the spot. We've got you covered.

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60 Minute Express Delivery

From our showroom to the driver seat in just 60 minutes. It's that easy.


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