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  • 2012 Toyota Aqua

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  • May 2019
    So far the fuel efficiency has been fantastic. My car has low kilometers on it and I felt that it needed to be driven. I have done that and it is going beautifully. I am sooooo pleased with my purchase.
    —Grant F - 2012 Toyota AQUA
  • May 2019
    Fuel efficient
    —Renato G - 2012 Toyota Aqua Hybrid
  • May 2019
    Exceeded condition, great fuel economy.
    —Bryce C - 2012 Toyota Aqua S Hybrid
  • Apr 2019
    Love the heated seats. Still getting used to the hybrid but liking it so far
    —Debbe S - 2012 Toyota AQUA S
  • Mar 2019
    All good. W
    —Alvin A - 2012 Toyota AQUA L HYBRID (Prius C)
  • Mar 2019
    Love the aqua. Super economical. Surprisingly comfortable and roomy inside for a smaller vehicle.
    —Tracy-Lee T - 2012 Toyota AQUA
  • Dec 2018
    Great little vehicle that’s big enough for the family yet small enough to not be petrol hungry.
    —MARK W - 2012 Toyota AQUA
  • Oct 2018
    I'm happy with the car so far, save 30% for the same amount of petrol.
    —Cen Y - 2012 Toyota Aqua KEYLESS ALLOYS
  • Aug 2018
    I'm loving the fuel economy and how smoothly it drives. It is very comfortable and I love the colour. I think everyone should have one. My husband loves it too, in fact, he is preparing to sell his current vehicle so that he can buy one too.
    —MARIA N - 2012 Toyota Aqua S HYBRID
  • Jun 2018
    Good car to drive.
    —Margaret W - 2012 Toyota AQUA (Prius C) S
  • May 2018
    Very Reliable car
    —Narendra B - 2012 Toyota AQUA
  • Apr 2018
    It's a good small car.
    —Ashwin S - 2012 Toyota AQUA
  • Apr 2018
    Really economical on fuel, power/performance is more than what I expected, absolutely enough specification for daily urban use.
    —Yukun M - 2012 Toyota Aqua S
  • Jan 2018
    Ive only had it a week but are very much enjoying it .
    —Sandra S - 2012 Toyota AQUA L Hybrid (Prius C)
  • Jan 2018
    I love this car
    —Cezar C - 2012 Toyota AQUA
  • Jan 2018
    Awesome fuel economy
    —Donatus S - 2012 Toyota AQUA HYBRID 1.5L 5DR AUTO
  • Jan 2018
    An excellent buy. Economy supreme
    —Kenneth S - 2012 Toyota AQUA L Hybrid (Prius C)
  • Jan 2018
    The toyota aqua is very good car
    —Jonathan V - 2012 Toyota AQUA L Hybrid (Prius C)
  • Dec 2017
    —Dinesh G - 2012 Toyota AQUA
  • Oct 2017
    Being a Hybrid, I needed a good test drive as this was the first time I was to drive one. Sales guy gave me a run down on how the Hybrid works and what to expect while driving it. Pleased with it and the pre sale work that I asked for. No worries.
    —Neil W - 2012 Toyota Aqua Hybrid
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