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  • 2012 Toyota Aqua

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  • Feb 2021
    Excellent car. Fun to drive. Being a Hybrid fuel economy is great. Very much appreciated. Quite peppy around town and goes well on the open road. It handles well and being a slightly smaller car it is easy to park and manoeuvre. Overall excellent.
    —Mark S - 2012 Toyota AQUA
  • Feb 2021
    This is good car for city drivers and cars are very nice. I loved the color that I bought which is english yellow and reliable car.
    —Amalraj D - 2012 Toyota Aqua S Aero Package
  • Feb 2021
    It is absolutely 💯 awesome.
    —HEATHER S - 2012 Toyota Aqua G-Package Prius C
  • Feb 2021
    Fuel economy is very excellent
    —Tak W - 2012 Toyota Aqua Hybrid
  • Feb 2021
    Nice neat car
    —Jennifer H - 2012 Toyota Aqua 1.5 G
  • Feb 2021
    Great small car, haven't had to fill it up yet. Drives well and if we look after it should last a while.
    —Kirstin K - 2012 Toyota AQUA 1.5L HYBRID
  • Feb 2021
    It' good so far.
    —Rory C - 2012 Toyota Aqua S-Package Prius C
  • Jan 2021
    Pretty colour, fuel economy is great. Auckland to top of Coromandel on half a tank of gas.
    —Heather H - 2012 Toyota Aqua S Package - Smart Keys Alloys
  • Jan 2021
    Reliable and tidy vehicle in excellent condition. Excellent fuel use and safety.
    —Christopher K - 2012 Toyota Aqua 1.5lt Hybrid S Package
  • Dec 2020
    I'm really enjoying driving my 2012 Toyota Aqua. I have been very impressed with the comfort, performance and economy. It is good to drive on the open road and around the city.
    —Heather M - 2012 Toyota Aqua 1.5lt Hybrid S Package
  • Oct 2020
    Good tidy car, fuel efficient
    —Timothy I - 2012 Toyota Aqua Hybrid
  • Oct 2020
    It has been just couple of weeks sofar it is doing good.
    —Rajkumar R - 2012 Toyota Aqua Hybrid
  • Oct 2020
    I'm extremely happy with my Toyota Aqua - very economical to run. Hybrids are the way to go!
    —Marie M - 2012 Toyota Aqua 1.5lt Hybrid G-Spec
  • Oct 2020
    Great car for commuters
    —CAIO T - 2012 Toyota AQUA S-PKG/Push Start Engine
  • Sep 2020
    It’s very nice I am very happy to use and save much fuel that kind of car hybrid. Love it
    —Jobert M - 2012 Toyota Aqua S
  • Sep 2020
    A more roomy and spacious sized hatchback, surprisingly big inside. Very comfortable seats. A fairly quiet drive being a Hybrid. Love how the vehicle can handle corners at higher speeds. This Toyota Hatchback Aqua is quite high off-the-ground compared to other 5-door hatchbacks on the market that are much lower, so I love this feature!!! A great zippy wee car for use around Wgtn, Petone and Hutt Valley 😀
    —Angela F - 2012 Toyota Aqua S *Good Kms*
  • Aug 2020
    currently very impressed with the fuel economy
    —TONY L - 2012 Toyota Aqua S-Package Prius C
  • Aug 2020
    The car offers the most competitive fuel economy in it's class. It is best suited for the people travelling to and from work over longer distances. In addition, the car belongs to a trusted brand- Toyota, which offers low maintenance and reliable service.
    —Vikrant D - 2012 Toyota Aqua S
  • Jul 2020
    Great little car and fuel efficient being a hybrid.
    —Shana C - 2012 Toyota Aqua S
  • Jul 2020
    My car is good and in good condition.
    —Mark B - 2012 Toyota AQUA
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