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  • Sep 2019
    So far so good
    —Wei Y - 2012 Honda Fit Shuttle Hybrid - Rev Cam | Alloy | Serviced
  • Sep 2019
    We bought the Shuttle model of Honda Fit as we liked the roominess and ease of access.
    —William F - 2012 Honda Fit SHUTTLE HYBRID
  • Aug 2019
    My Honda is great its the right size i was looking for its perfect for me and my small family
    —Michelle B - 2012 Honda Fit Hybrid
  • Aug 2019
    Excellent condition, well groomed.
    —Sudarshini B - 2012 Honda Fit HYBRID Cruise control
  • Aug 2019
    I had owned Honda Fit before purchasing this one, so knew it was a reliable, fun car that looks small but is quite roomy on the inside.
    —Aslam J - 2012 Honda Fit Hybrid
  • Aug 2019
    This is our third Honda fit we are very pleased the boot space is excellent and with plenty of leg room and of course the magic seat for extra space They are very good fuel wise also and lovely to ride in
    —Patricia G - 2012 Honda Fit 13G
  • Aug 2019
    Too soon to really judge it but so far it seems excellent.
    —LOUISE S - 2012 Honda Fit SHUTTLE Hybrid 1.3X Bodykit
  • Jul 2019
    Very pleased
    —Paul C - 2012 Honda Fit Shuttle
  • Jun 2019
    This car is very economical and is nice to drive. Its spacious and although its only a 1300 it has good grunt especially on the hills.
    —Rachel R - 2012 Honda FIT HYBRID 10TH ANNIVERSARY
  • May 2019
    the honda fit I purchase was good and it is ib good conditon. Dont look the price look the Quality of the car
    —Anecito C - 2012 Honda Fit
  • May 2019
    Nice to drive,easy and convenient.
    —Jacqueline C - 2012 Honda Fit RS New Shape, Low kms with Reversing Camera !
  • May 2019
    Very happy with our Honda Fit.
    —Christine O - 2012 Honda FIT SHUTTLE HYBRID
  • Feb 2019
    I have only driven my new car for a week, and so far it is really impressive. Years ago I owned a Jazz, in fact this is the 4th Honda I have owned. The way the back seats fold completely flat, makes for plenty of space in the back if needed.
    —CYNTHIA A - 2012 Honda Fit G
  • Feb 2019
    managed to convert my husband to hybrid vehicles...in love with my wee car
    —Kelly M - 2012 Honda FIT Hybrid RS
  • Nov 2018
    more economical on fuel
    —Rodolfo P - 2012 Honda Fit 13G F Package
  • Oct 2018
    The Fit Hybrid is a great little car, though it may not look too sporty it handles well and there is plenty of room in the back! The savings on fuel isn't bad either.
    —Karl T - 2012 Honda Fit HYBRID
  • Sep 2018
    Searching for a compact run around vehicle I am so happy I went with the fit. It's extremely economical and zippy.
    —Joanne M - 2012 Honda Fit Hybrid
  • Jul 2018
    Very economic
    —Dimong C - 2012 Honda FIT SHUTTLE HYBRID
  • Jul 2018
    Great economy and very spacious, no race car but does the job it was designed to.
    —Michael H - 2012 Honda Fit Shuttle Hybrid C
  • May 2018
    Head and shoulders a more stylish presentation with every accessary a driver of a more luxury vehicle would desire. Car was in immaculate condition.
    —Stephen H - 2012 Honda Fit HYBRID
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