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  • May 2020
    Honda Fit 2012 is a nice selection for me so far !!! Key attractive points; * Body Style * Interior Design * Steering Wheel * Drive feel/ Experience * Fuel Performance
    —Ashvin K - 2012 Honda Fit
  • Mar 2020
    Fantastic overall value.
    —Jung-Hun B - 2012 Honda Fit RS Hybrid 5-Door
  • Mar 2020
    Main factor for me as a dog walker, was how flat the back seats folded down to fit big dogs in
    —Karen P - 2012 Honda Fit SHUTTLE HYBRID
  • Mar 2020
    Awesome fuel economy.
    —Natasha S - 2012 Honda Fit Shuttle Hybrid
  • Feb 2020
    If you want a car for camping in to travel around NZ, this car should be what you're looking for.
    —Lai W - 2012 Honda Fit Jazz Shuttle
  • Feb 2020
    They're a genuinely nice car to drive, good features, typical quality fit and finish you get from Honda. Recommend the 1500 or the Hybrid (which I purchased), the 1300 is just a little bit short on power in comparison.
    —Matthew N - 2012 Honda Fit Hybrid
  • Jan 2020
    I would like to make comments on the reliability, fuel economy and the storage. Very reliable vehicle that can lasts for years with correct maintenance. In regards to fuel economy, I’ve filled it up once since getting the vehicle and so far I’ve gotten from Auckland to Palmerston North and many trips around Palmerston North and still not on Empty - nearly 700kms so far!! And for such a small vehicle, there is surprisingly so much space inside, mostly due to the back seats. They can fold away and create a ridiculous amount of space. Absolutely love the vehicle.
    —JODECI B - 2012 Honda Fit Hybrid
  • Jan 2020
    Its a car you can't get in the uk, which is a shame because its a great motor. Size and flexibility is great. I normally drive lexus hybrids. The Honda hybrid operates under a different premise, but I like it. I have used google translate and youtube to get around setting up the phone and some of the systems settings on what is a Japanese infotainment system.
  • Jan 2020
    Yes its really good vehicle
    —Weerakkody W - 2012 Honda Fit Jazz Shuttle Hybrid
  • Dec 2019
    It seems to have excellent fuel economy and is great to drive. It doesn’t feel like a small car and the boot holds two 30+kg dogs as well as a family load of groceries. There is plenty of leg room for passengers. Visibility is excellent as are the electrical specs- a foggy windscreen clears in seconds.
    —Rowena F - 2012 Honda Fit Hybrid Electric
  • Dec 2019
    Amazing car which includes cruise control, and very fuel efficient. I like the sporty look and it’s color
    —Rebecca L - 2012 Honda Fit #Hybrid#
  • Dec 2019
    I dont have any bad coment in my honda fit 2012 because its good perfourmance and looks good for me us well
    —Rowell M - 2012 Honda Fit 13G SMART SELECTION
  • Nov 2019
    Verry satisfied
    —Mark B - 2012 Honda Fit Shuttle with Half Leather Seats, Reversing Camera, Cruise Control !
  • Nov 2019
    Awesome economy for a non EV/hybrid car. If not spurred all the time it can easily do 20km/l.
    —ANDREY S - 2012 Honda FIT Petrol
  • Oct 2019
    Very pleased with it
    —Stephen S - 2012 Honda Fit G 5DR 1.3L AUTO
  • Sep 2019
    So far so good
    —Wei Y - 2012 Honda Fit Shuttle Hybrid - Rev Cam | Alloy | Serviced
  • Sep 2019
    We bought the Shuttle model of Honda Fit as we liked the roominess and ease of access.
    —William F - 2012 Honda Fit SHUTTLE HYBRID
  • Aug 2019
    My Honda is great its the right size i was looking for its perfect for me and my small family
    —Michelle B - 2012 Honda Fit Hybrid
  • Aug 2019
    Excellent condition, well groomed.
    —Sudarshini B - 2012 Honda Fit HYBRID Cruise control
  • Aug 2019
    I had owned Honda Fit before purchasing this one, so knew it was a reliable, fun car that looks small but is quite roomy on the inside.
    —Aslam J - 2012 Honda Fit Hybrid
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