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  • Apr 2020
    if your looking for a gas saver an comfit these are worth looking into
    —Thomas G - 2011 Nissan Note 15X SV
  • Jan 2020
    Excellent small car with great leg & head room as husband 6ft 2'' Has all the up to date features and cheap to run.
    —SUZANNE R - 2011 Nissan Note 15X SV
  • Dec 2019
    The Nissan Note I purchased is a really lovely car. It handles well, corners well, sits on the road beautifully and is a dream to drive. I would highly recommend this car.
    —Evelyn W - 2011 Nissan Note 15X_SV Plus Plus
  • Oct 2019
    It's a zippy compact car but you can fit Heaps of things in when you need as seats fold down. Roomy for passengers and driver. First car I have owned with air-conditioning so will be happy with that this coming summer. Fuel economy is good. Great as a family car can get bags in the boot and a pram as well if needed. Great car for trips away they get up and go in the hills when the power is needed. Overall I love my new car. As I have already owned one before I am happy with the Nissan notes.
    —Michelle B - 2011 Nissan Note 15X SV
  • Sep 2019
    I am very happy with my Nissan note, it’s perfect for what I need. Small, economic but still has enough room in the boot. Although it’s a small car, it still feels spacious inside.
    —Samantha M - 2011 Nissan Note Manual @ BUDGET RANGE @
  • Jun 2019
    I like all the features of the car
    —Virgilio A - 2011 Nissan Note NewShape & Low kms
  • May 2019
    Love it Drives well
    —james Q - 2011 Nissan Note 15X SV
  • May 2019
    Good performance
    —Nilo L - 2011 Nissan Note
  • May 2019
    Well, her name is Lizzie B. She has a few bonus features....when i go over a judder bar, she advises me the road level is changing, please be careful. She also doubles as a savy sport racer, flick her into sport mode, hold tight....shes fast. Want to save petrol, flick her on Eco.... Driving in fog, no problem....Lizzie's eyes will move up ,down or through fog. Heavy breather with poor hygine sitting in back of car....turn the bonus aircon fan on, situated on back ceiling, smell gone. Feeling lonely...start her up, shes says good morning in Japanese so you drive to work feeling loved. Phone rings, radio rings. ..just drive and talk. The boot, dead body to hide, dogy gains ... secret body/dodgy gains, hiding boot, under boot. Easy, groceries on top, body underneath. Would suit a burgler. Basically in love really, perfect car for an older, girlie girl. Shes solid, safe and nips in where others cant. Shes pretty at night, her inside lights are something, great for poor eyesight. X
    —SONIA A - 2011 Nissan Note
  • Apr 2019
    Very reliable car and really nice to drive.
    —Wilhelm O - 2011 Nissan Note LOW KMS
  • Dec 2018
    So much space! Can fit a queen blow up mattress. Very clean, economical and still a powerful car - can fly up hills! Great all rounder. Couldn’t have picked a better car
    —Charlotte D - 2011 Nissan Note
  • Nov 2018
    —belinda D - 2011 Nissan NOTE AUTEC RIDER
  • Oct 2018
    I am delighted with the purchase of this car. It drives well and should be a great run-around car for me in the future.
    —Louisa A - 2011 Nissan Note 15X Smart Key Alloys
  • Sep 2018
    I've only had the car for about 10 days, but I can say it is cheap to run even when petrol is $2.30lt +
    —Peter M - 2011 Nissan Note X SV Plus
  • Jul 2017
    it goes like a wee rocket
    —Patricia P - 2011 Nissan Note 15S


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