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  • 2010 Volkswagen Golf

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  • Sep 2020
    Absolutely in love with it. I fell in love with it once i saw it. Im thrilled.
    —Kylie H - 2010 Volkswagen Golf GTI
  • Sep 2020
    Love my car! Looks good, great to drive, a fun zippy wee machine.
  • Aug 2020
    Love my wee golf! Such a neat car to get around town in. Very comfortable to drive and ride in. Good boot space and features for a small car.
  • Jul 2020
    A nice little car! A great set of features for the price and stylish to boot. So far I'm very happy with the vehicle.
    —Arun J - 2010 Volkswagen Golf TSI Comfort Line
  • Jul 2020
    Having owned BMW's I found the difference in power in the VW took some getting used to. The car was presented like new.
    —Raewyn J - 2010 Volkswagen GOLF 1.4T TSI LOW KS!! 12AIRBAGS!!
  • Jun 2020
    It drives super well, very comfy, great speakers
    —Robyn H - 2010 Volkswagen Golf 1.4 90KW
  • Mar 2020
    Very economical on fuel
    —Natascha D - 2010 Volkswagen GOLF 1.4T TSI LOW KS!! 12AIRBAGS!!
  • Mar 2020
    Amazing car. It’s very zippy and fun to drive.
    —Stephanie R - 2010 Volkswagen Golf TSI High Line
  • Feb 2020
    I am used to driving high performance vehicles. Stepping down into this car I was't expecting too much. I was very surprised, a great value all round excellent car, I don't believe you can find better at this price.
    —Jamil R - 2010 VOLKSWAGEN GOLF GTi
  • Feb 2020
    Feels like a good quality car.
    —Steven S - 2010 Volkswagen Golf TSI Trendline
  • Feb 2020
    It ticked most of the boxes for me. Style, fuel economy, reliability, the power! Handling and boot space to accommodate my dogs was paramount. Price, safety features and lower ks.
    —Stella R - 2010 Volkswagen Golf TSI Comfort Line
  • Feb 2020
    Love it
    —Emosi R - 2010 Volkswagen Golf GTI / 18 Inch Genuine Alloys
  • Feb 2020
    This is a great 7 seater family car that is very reliable and comfortable all round. Has good fuel economy and this little 1.4L turbo performs well above what I expected.
    —Mondre B - 2010 Volkswagen Golf TOURAN TSI HIGHLINE
  • Feb 2020
    perfect and what im looking for
    —Isagani M - 2010 Volkswagen Golf GTI
  • Jan 2020
    Everything I was looking for in a car and more, awesome on fuel and saftey
    —Lily S - 2010 VW Golf TSI High Line
  • Nov 2019
    Very happy with the golf.it drives well and excellent on fuel economy. Loved the drive down from Tauranga to Wellington .smooth and comfortable drive and quite powerful too on the open road.
    —keli A - 2010 Volkswagen GOLF 1.4 TSI
  • Nov 2019
    Nice solid car.
    —Virginia G - 2010 VW Golf TSI Trend Line
  • Oct 2019
    Fuel conservation is really good and a steady engine.
    —Nokuthula M - 2010 Volkswagen Golf TSI TREND LINE
  • Sep 2019
    Vehicles performance is very good and hubby is definitely happy with it.
    —Sarona S - 2010 Volkswagen Golf GTI **NZ NEW** NZ NEW FULL LEATHERFULL HISTORY 1 OWNER
  • Aug 2019
    Great car
    —Nicholas T - 2010 Volkswagen Golf GTI Mk 6 2L TURBO DSG
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