• 2015 Toyota Aqua

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Helpful comments (6)

  • Mar 2020
    Was taken by colour green
    —Stuart B, christchurch - 2015 Toyota Aqua S Hybrid Facelift Model
  • Mar 2020
    Had problem knowing when vehicle had started as hybrid. Would have been good if sales rep had explained there is a Ready light on the dash.
    —Julie T, christchurch - 2015 Toyota AQUA S (Prius C) Hybrid
  • Feb 2020
    I am loving my car, now that I know how to work it. I am very happy!
    —Robyn C, christchurch - 2015 Toyota Aqua 1.5S
  • Nov 2019
    We are currently in Te Anau. We drove the car down and it performed really well and was very conservative on fuel. Very impressed so far. Thank you.
    —Diane L, christchurch - 2015 Toyota Aqua 1.5lt Hybrid 'L' Edition
  • Oct 2019
    Love how cheap this is to run. It's got good space inside considering how small the car is.
    —Petra M, christchurch - 2015 Toyota Aqua 1.5lt Hybrid S Package
  • Mar 2019
    Definitely good 🚗
    —Ratna T, christchurch - 2015 Toyota Aqua L


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