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  • 2013 Honda CRV

    9 customer reviews
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Comment Highlights (6)

  • Feb 2021
    Good sized boot. Very comfortable to travel in. Good easy access for older people as it is higher than a sedan
    —Elizabeth S - 2013 Honda CR-V 24G
  • Dec 2020
    Really good smaller size SUV. Has a very good reputation and safety rating. Drives very smoothly and nice to ride in. Also very practical, heaps of room and getting a tow bar fitted makes it very versatile.
    —Julia R - 2013 Honda Crv
  • Jun 2020
    I am very pleased with my new car, its comfortable to ride in, sits on the road nicely and it has a backing camera, which is great to use especially on a winters night when you're out in dark or wet weather.
    —Dianne J - 2013 Honda CR-V 2WD
  • May 2019
    This is just second week of driving Honda CRV so far so good.
    —Manoj A - 2013 Honda CRV 2.0
  • Jan 2019
    Easy handling, roomy, great visibility,economical. Not difficult access, important for my tall husband.
    —Judith M - 2013 Honda CR-V S
  • Oct 2017
    Loved the deal.this car is exactly what I needed
    —Ronal G - 2013 Honda CR-V


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