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  • 2010 Toyota Blade

    47 customer reviews
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Comment Highlights (20)

  • Apr 2021
    The performance, style, fuel efficient are all the things that we like in the Toyota . We had our last one for 6 years and wanted to upgrade with the same model.
    —Warren J - 2010 Toyota Blade S Package
  • Mar 2021
    Love it
    —Irene H - 2010 Toyota BLADE Base
  • Mar 2021
    I was shown a few of the same model to compare with different features, prices, mileage, presentation. I found one that suited me perfectly.
    —Nattalie G - 2010 Toyota BLADE Base
  • Jan 2021
    Great little car with plenty of power
    —Robert B - 2010 Toyota Blade
  • Jan 2021
    Perfect car - I love it! It’s better than I could have imagined!
    —Glenda R - 2010 Toyota BLADE S PKG
  • Aug 2020
    Downsized from a Holden Captiva. Great choice love my Toyota Blade. Affordable luxury. Lots of features to enjoy. Ticks all the boxes.
    —Teata B - 2010 Toyota Blade G
  • Jul 2020
    Very happy with my purchase
    —Trevor G - 2010 Toyota BLADE G
  • Jun 2020
    We had driven a BLADE for about five years and were very pleased with it in all respects. Unfortunately it was written off after a crash which we were not responsible for. We immediately set about finding another BLADE - wouldn't want anything different.
    —Robert O - 2010 Toyota BLADE
  • Jun 2020
    Love my car! Keeps me warm when travelling to work on these cold winter nights. Love it!!
    —Joanne E - 2010 Toyota Blade newshape, camchain, full leather
  • Jun 2020
    It's a great car you should buy one
    —Belinda G - 2010 Toyota BLADE S PACKAGE
  • May 2020
    Definitely qualifies as a "hot hatch" but a wolf in sheep's clothing. My wife has one too that we purchased 6 weeks ago and I was sold on it.
    —Mark L - 2010 Toyota BLADE G
  • Jan 2020
    Incredibly tidy inside and out with lots of safety features. A pleasure to drive with the power when it's required. Pre-purchase check with my own mechanics highly rated the reliability of this car. Coming from a smaller car, I'm finding the Blade a little thirstier than I'm used to but am completely happy with my new waka.
    —Karmen N - 2010 Toyota Blade S Package
  • Sep 2019
    It has very good acceleration and therefore burns a lot of fuel. But it is very comfortable, convenient in many areas and cool.
    —Antonia B - 2010 Toyota Blade
  • Sep 2019
    I love the white coloured vehicle, which stands out among the crowd. Despite being a hatchback, the blade is very roomy and easy to get in & out. With 2.4L engine, the blade is very responsive & moderately powerful and agile. What's better, it is very easy to park. Being a white coloured vehicle with leather seats, the vehicle can attract many potential future buyers.
    —JUNG P - 2010 Toyota Blade
  • Jul 2019
    Very good reliable and solid car with 9 airbags to keep our daughter as safe as possible. Well laid out , good space front and rear and visually very smart inside and out.
    —marco P - 2010 Toyota Blade 2.4G Spec, low ks, 9 airbag
  • May 2019
    I love it !!!
    —Natasha M - 2010 Toyota Blade G Facelift model
  • Mar 2019
    Great size vehicle . Love it .
    —NANCY B - 2010 Toyota Blade
  • Mar 2019
    Very tidy vehicle and I'm sure it will serve us well.
    —NATHAN F - 2010 Toyota BLADE
  • Jul 2018
    —Edward T - 2010 Toyota Blade S-Package
  • Jul 2018
    I was looking for a smaller vehicle and one I could get in and out of easily and being older this was the main factor along with appearance and in my price range was thrilled to find one on my first look around Bev
    —Beverly F - 2010 Toyota Blade / Auris G Full Leather Facelift


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